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The Next Fast Food is a competitive culinary reality show to be broadcasted through ParadygmTV, in which the competitors are chosen from all over Nepal to compete for victory. #NextFastFood

The show’s key objective is to provide a unique perspective on the Nepali fast food business and to provide aspiring chefs with a culinary career path. The winner will be awarded a fast food outlet where they will also be a shareholder of the same."

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Announcing Nepal's own Food Reality Show - Next Fast Food | Nepal Food

Announcing Nepal's own Food Reality Show - Next Fast Food | Sisan Baniya | Paradygm

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The ‘Next Fast Food(NFF)’ is a celebration of the amazing culinary talents from around the country. An at home chef with a mouthwatering signature dish or a professional chef with big aspirations, NFF is a show that yearns to find Nepal’s Next Fast Food sensation. Here we look for cooks with great fast-food ideas and even greater, gobsmacking street delicacies.

A reality show determined to bring to the forefront the plethora of talent on offer in Nepal’s culinary scene, contestants pitch their wonderful fast-food ventures to win the opportunity to materialise their fast-food dreams, winning investment and partnerships towards their very own Fast-Food Restaurant!

Any individual aged 18+, regardless of their professional/cooking experience are considered eligible to be a participant on the show.

If you’re an aspiring shelf looking to make your mark in the fast food world of Nepal, simply click on the join now or apply now section of our website and fill out your personal details, your work status and also a short summary along with photos and presentation of your standout dish to enrol as a participant

If you’re passionate about cooking, whether it be a professional chef, home chef, or just a beginner chef, NFF welcomes you all to participate in this reality show. We encourage participants to have their own unique concept, a dish that deserves the limelight of being the next fast food of Nepal.

The winner of NFF will be awarded with partnership in their very own fast food franchise outlet along with investment for its operation.

We are hunting for a new scalable dish or concept that can be recognized as the next big fast food chain. The selection criteria will primarily prioritise the evaluation of the presented dish or concept that highlights its scalability and recognition as a fast food. Thus, the NFF team encourages the participants to plan the images and videos to be posted in the form accordingly.

The tentative run time for the show is set to be 30 minutes, every week for 13 episodes.

The show shall have a total of 21 contestants whose ideas, food and business ventures shall be presented to our judges who shall then select 8 final participants to compete in our final showdown.

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We are a reality YouTube show, determined to bring out the very best hidden fast food dishes, concepts and aspiring chef among all and help build a culinary career path for the same.

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